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January 07, 2021


Tory Mucaro

Gorgeous Pat! Super clean model! All those little 1/72 scale stripes on the ordinance must have been a real treat! LOL! If you hadn't said anything about the pilot seat location I wouldn't have noticed. And no sign of where the canopy fit gave you trouble. As my old boss used to say, "It looks like it grew there"! I really like this one a lot!

Pat Hawkey

Thanks, Tory. Looking at lots of pictures, I get the impression the Guard units that fly these Hogs keep them spiffy. As for the ordinance, I wish I'd kept track of time that went into bombs and missiles and racks specifically. It was quite a bit, as I'm sure you can imagine. Many tiny holes drilled and metal pins installed. As I told the guy that asked for it, when the A-10 first arrived on the scene, I swore I'd never build a model of anything so ugly. Interesting how time can mellow one's view. Even reverse it.

Greg Gattermeyer

I’ve been stopping by occasionally for years Pat. Always worth a look and it’s great you’ve kept it going. Love the in-flight builds, something more modelers should try.

Pat Hawkey

Thanks for the visits, Greg. Sorry the new posts have gotten fewer and farther between, but I'm not cranking them out like I used to do. Still plugging away, though. In fact got another in-flight job finished and imaged needing to be added to the collection here. Stay tuned!

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