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June 06, 2017


Terence Burns

That's beautiful work, Patrick. But I thought you didn't "do" cockpits? :)

Hasegawa 1/72? What paints did you use for the lovely finish? I ask because I know you're an enamel fan (as am I) and I've been a bit downcast lately by the news that the RPM/Rust-Oleum "death star" (well, more like *neglect* star if the truth be told) is s*&tcanning a chunk of the Model Master enamel line.

PS: It's very nice to see you posting more regularly again. I was getting worried about you when I kept logging in and seeing the Viggen (nice tho it is, of course).

Pat Hawkey

Thank you, sir. I've been taking in-progress shots of both of these (1/48) for eventual full-blown blog articles. Should be finishing the SBD tomorrow (f#cking better, as I promised to deliver it to the buyer tomorrow) so that story should appear here very quickly. The paints are mostly Xtracolor. As for cockpits, I prefer not to bother. However if the customer wants to pay for the bells and whistles, he/she gets them.

Terry Burns

Wow - the Dauntless pic didn't come up yesterday when I commented on the F-4. Very nice work, also, and very subtle weathering. I like it! The cockpit on the SBD looks good from here, also. You sell yourself short on the cockpits, Pat. I look forward to seeing the articles and more pictures of each.

Btw (adding some idle flattery) I recently picked up yet another copy of your book, so I have a good one when the original falls apart from being thumbed through and re-read too often. I suspect it will be regarded like those much-missed Kalmbach titles of thirty years ago. I try to pick those up used whenever I can, if they're in decent shape, as they are cheap and still full of good ideas (nostalgia value, too, for those of us on which they were a formative influence). Took a while to find a second copy of Ernie Stazack's book on vacuforms, though, and I still haven't seen another copy of Roscoe Creed's volume. But I digress...

Anyways, glad you were busy and are keep ing well, and thank you for posting all this.

Pat Hawkey

Always happy to hear positives on my modest little book. (I too have gotten my hands on some "classic" Kalmbach titles via eBay, for the reasons you state.)

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