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May 16, 2016


Robert Little

I had something very similar happen last year. I decided to look for another old Pyro/LifeLike "Mayflower" kit, and found one, at a reasonable price. The thing that got me, though, was that they lifted the information about the model from my maritime history blog, literally just a copy and paste.
While I did buy the model (this thing has recently become strangely scarce), I admonished them about lifting my work. I got crickets.
But, it happens. Best I can do is much gnashing of teeth.

Robert Little

Also, what is with some of these kit sellers? That's a bit of a hefty price is has on a model that is missing the box. Has it really become that scarce? Thought Revell Gmbh had it last.

Pat Hawkey

Well, just for fun I did a completed listings search on eBay for that kit. High price was $137 for a boxed one and a bagged one like the thief is showing went for $83. The only thing I have learned for sure about eBay is it's unpredictable. If someone REALLY wants something, the price can get stupid. As for the availability of the kit, I think Revell US last had the thing in the 1980s and as I recall, it came in the Revell box packaged with the old Otaki decals. The question is, did something happen to those molds? As popular as 1/144th has gotten, I don't understand why the kit is not available. Unless something bad happened to the steel.

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