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January 18, 2016



Ugh! Been there, done that, bought the "T" shirt! When this sort of thing happens to me, about 5-10 seconds before it happens I get a premonition that it is going to happen that I of course ignore. Sort of a deja-vu like experience. And I still continue to ignore it and forge ahead with the activity only to regret it afterwards!

Some of my most creative expletives have come from similar situations!

At least you learn a lesson fro this, I keep making the same mistakes over and over!


Pat Hawkey

I don't know if it's a sign of maturity or blunted enthusiasm for the activity in general, but the instant reaction was one four-letter word and a feeling of resignation. I used to go ballistic over things like this, but that never changed the facts. Better to channel that energy into something constructive. Sigh.


Pat: Sorry to hear of your paint accident and boy can I relate! I have to ask, what was in that paint that caused the landing gear parts to melt?

Pat Hawkey

It was good old-fashioned lacquer-based automotive primer. Pouring that on any plastic is going to be bad news, but the cheap waxy stuff the Valiant is made of is even worse. Might as well pour acid on it.

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