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October 20, 2015


Terence Burns

It's funny how things from our hobby "cross-pollinate" to other applications. Years ago I worked for a shop that repaired and restored Porsches. I found I could spot very minor flaws in primer coats and finishes either with close inspection or using my fingertips - flaws that other more experienced souls had not (and this was a very, very, very good bodyshop, by the by) - just the way I'd found them on filled joints on my models. In turn, they exposed me to a many things involving color matching, paint mixing, and tools and supplies (8000 grit Nikken paper, for instance) that I could apply to my scale models.

I miss those old steel bathroom cabinets. Well-made and durable, and they last forever (and you can refinish them over and over again, too). Hell, the only thing that ever broke in ours was an occasional glass shelf, and they could be easily replaced. Nice work on those two!

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