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January 09, 2007


Karl Juelch

You really got to the heart of the matter--shape is what makes aircraft so special (well, that and they are machines that FLY--how cool is that?). I scratch my head in bafflement when I see model after model after model displayed with open canopies--don't people see how that completely breaks up the SHAPE of the airplane? I can't understand the obsession with cockpit detail--how do cockpits even begin to approach the coolness of the SHAPE of the airplane? I can understand maybe doing some models to show off a cockpit, but every single model? Really? Are cockpits really THAT worthy of attention? Sometimes I wonder if the open canopy, detail obsessed modelers even understand or appreciate that shape is what makes airplanes the magical machines they are. Kits are routinely dinged for having "sparse" cockpit detail, and no one argues, but say something about the shape of an kit being wrong and you will be damned for being a "rivet counter". Makes no sense at all to me.

Pat Hawkey

Thanks for backing me up, sir. My thoughts haven't changed one bit since posting that one. I look at Black Box (and the like) resin cockpits and shudder. Who wants to spend time on that nonsense? (I guess plenty of guys do, judging by the availability of that stuff.) I have an absurd number of kits with glued-up fuselages and wings -- taken to that stage just to see the shape. Hopefully, I'll get back to them all one day...

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